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MCaptch’s SHA256 based Proof of Work library


  use pow_sha256::{ConfigBuilder, PoW};

  fn main() {
      let config = ConfigBuilder::default()

      let phrase = "ironmansucks";

      const DIFFICULTY: u32 = 1000;

      let work = config.prove_work(&phrase, DIFFICULTY).unwrap();
      assert!(config.is_valid_proof(&work, &phrase));
      assert!(config.is_sufficient_difficulty(&work, DIFFICULTY));



Configuration for generting proof of work Please choose a long, unique value for salt Resistance to dictionary/rainbow attacks depend on uniqueness of the salt

Builder for Config.

Proof of Work over concrete type T. T can be any type that implements serde::Serialize.

Builder for PoW.


Error type for ConfigBuilder

Error type for PoWBuilder